Day 5: CSS Robot

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This is by far my favorite project that I have completed so far!  It was really fun to work in CSS and it has been my favorite part of this learning process.  This was the 4th project in the Dash lessons. I was able to personalize this one a little bit by adding Carleton. robot

Day 4: Small Business Website

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Completing these projects in Dash was so much fun for me.  I thought this project was really helpful in learning what businesses might need and how to further my development skills.  One of the things that I really appreciate about the Dash lessons is that you can flip back and forth between a mobile view and a desktop view. It … Read More

Day 3: Responsive Blog Theme

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This was my first attempt at creating a responsive blog theme.  My son currently has a blog for his personal project at school, so I used his material for my attempt. I feel like the Dash lessons really worked a lot of material into their projects in a way that really made sense for me.  I appreciate that I am … Read More

Day 2: Dash by General Assembly

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Dash is definitely my favorite site so far in learning about coding.  I loved the set up of the site and the way that I was able to create my own project at the end of each lesson.  The first project was to build a personal website. This was my very first project attempted, and I am mostly pleased with … Read More

Day 1: Free Code Camp

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    I decided to learn to code and played around with various free tutorials on several different websites.  I stumbled across Free Code Camp and was impressed with the way the learning map was set up and the idea of coding for a nonprofit to gain experience. I spent the next day or so breezing through all the waypoints, … Read More