Day 19: Highs and Lows

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Today was one of those days of feeling ultimate exhilaration when something goes well and then heading to the polar opposite when I ran into problems. I have been plugging away at my portfolio site and got my CSS to do exactly what I wanted it to!  It felt really great to figure out some rather complicated CSS, but when … Read More

Day 18: A Smarter Way to Learn Javascript

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About 4 chapters into Eloquent Javascript I realized that I was in over my head.  I was learning a lot, but I wasn’t feeling like I was understanding things well.  After reading several things online mentioning that the text is really more at an intermediate level, I decided to look for something else. Someone in my  Newbie Coder Warehouse mentioned the … Read More

Day 17: Web site design

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I spent the whole weekend working on the Complete Front End Developer course from Udemy.  I think it is fantastic, but I already had a lot of prior knowledge on the html and css information. One of the perks of the class is that they offer a year of free web hosting.  I wish that I would have signed up … Read More

Day 16: Udemy courses

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I was so excited when Learn to Code with Me sent out information about the Udemy sale this week.  Udemy is running a black Friday special and have all of their web development courses on sale for $10.  I am definitely taking advantage of some of these. I will start first with The Complete Web Developer Course – Build 14 Websites since … Read More

Day 15: Resume

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My goal is to have my resume updated by Friday.  I am finding it so difficult to rewrite my resume to appeal to businesses instead of having an education focus.  It is really difficult to figure out how to translate my teaching skills into office-based technology skills. I am nearly there, but still need to work on some projects and … Read More

Day 14: Fizz Buzz

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I am so excited today that I can barely stand it!  After reading the second chapter in Eloquent JavaScript, there is a set of exercises for you to complete.  I was able to complete the Fizz Buzz exercise completely on my own without looking at any hints!  This is a huge accomplishment for me because I was beginning to think … Read More

Day 13: Weekend wrap up!

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I spent the weekend doing a variety of things that don’t fit into my usual routine. I watched a webinar put out by Skillcrush with tips for making a career change.  It was very helpful, but I am disappointed that I didn’t receive the email links to their ebooks that were supposed to go with it. Friday night was the … Read More

Day 12: Irons in the Fire

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I’m not sure that my schedule will keep up with this, but I have a bit of a routine that I have settled into.  Each day I am: Working on my Skillcrush web developer course.  Right now we are in the beginning stages of html and I am far past this.  I am focusing on trying to help others in … Read More

Day 11: Using the command line

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For some reason, using the command line makes me feel like Superwoman!  I have taken one course, fumbled my way through installing home brew and am going to begin working my way through Learn Python the Hard Way. Don’t get me wrong, I really have no idea what I am doing in the command line yet.  It took me hours … Read More

Day 10: Skillcrush

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So, after a lot of thought and many hours going through free courses online,  I decided to enroll in the Web Developer Blueprint at Skillcrush. The blueprint is divided into 3 courses and will last until the beginning of February.  The first class is html/css, the second is javascript and query, and the third focuses on ruby, git, and sinatra. … Read More