Day 32: Do you hear crickets?

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I have been very quiet on here lately… That is because I finally have a real project that I am working on! It is an unpaid volunteer project that I found through CatchaFire. I am working with a nonprofit organization to make their current website responsive and create a WordPress theme that will allow them to manage their own content. … Read More

Day 31: Why Weather?

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I’m not sure why, but many beginning web projects seem to revolve around the weather.  I am actually happy about it, because it gives me something real and useful to put in my portfolio.  I have recently created two weather projects. The first one was completed using Bootstrap with php.  I was really pleased with the look of the final product. … Read More

Day 30: Git Going!

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  I have been hearing about this thing called git since I began coding.  I signed up immediately for an account and tried to figure out the site, but it was not making any sense.  I put it on the back burner and continued learning other things. My Skillcrush blue print finally got to teaching us git this week.  It … Read More