Tell me about Ruby

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 If you have been reading my blog posts, you know that I have been trying to prepare myself for technical interviews.  Last week I had a mock technical interview.  I thought that I was prepared.  I read about Ruby all week and practiced solving algorithms.  I had pretty much immersed myself in Javascript for the last few months, so I … Read More

Merge Sorts

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My quest continues to learn more about computer science algorithms.  After last week’s focus on the binary search tree, I have settled this week on various sorting algorithms.  There are several to learn, but I am going to skip over a couple of the slower ones (selection sort and insertion sort) to focus on merge sorts. Merge sorts have a … Read More

Resources for Learning Algorithms

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Now that I have finished with my bootcamp program , it is time to find a job.  The one thing that I am most nervous about is facing the technical interviews.  This is an area where bootcamp graduates are at a disadvantage because there just isn’t enough time to teach you everything that you need to know. My days have … Read More