Favorite Style Resources

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Now that I have been working and learning about web development for a couple of years, I feel like I have a large number of bookmarks in various places that are my go-to resources for developing.  This blog post is my attempt to put  all of my style resources in one location.  The next time I am looking for something, … Read More

Ruby on Rails and Blogging

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I was listening to a Ruby Rogues podcast this morning that was aimed at new developers.  The episode came about as a result of this awesome Scope Wars post by Malinna Leach. They were discussing the importance of developers blogging and how it can help not only get a job, but also increase your understanding about the concepts that you … Read More

The World of Library Development

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Libraries have always been a magical place for me.  When I was in the 5th grade, I wrote an autobiography and in the chapter about my future career I wrote that I wanted to be either a librarian or a missionary when I grew up.  I feel that I sort of combined the two together since I have lived in … Read More

My First Hackathon!

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Yep! That is me in black, looking all serious at our team meeting for LadyHacks2017.  I attended my first hackathon over the weekend and it was a fantastic experience.  LadyHacks is women-only event organized by women of the Greater Philadelphia tech community. The event took place at Azavea, which was a perfect space for working at an event like this. There were conference … Read More

A Plan to Learn Clojure

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I have recently been in communication with a company that primarily uses Clojure on the back-end and AngularJS on the front-end side of things.  I don’t have any prior experience with Clojure, but they said they are looking for people with a willingness to learn. That sounds perfect for this former teacher, career-changing new developer, so I am ready to … Read More

Thoughts on my Wikipedia Viewer

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Now that I am finished with The Flatiron School’s online program, I sometimes find myself adrift in my learning process.  The curriculum had a great set of lessons and labs that you worked through and I miss having that structured guide.  I have jumped around a bit in the last couple of months, working on some Udemy courses and The … Read More

Javascript call() and apply()

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Let’s take a closer look at two of Javascript’s function methods today, call() and apply(). These two methods are often used in Javascript functions, but I have been confused about the difference between them and what exactly their purpose is.   My research led me to the discover that there isn’t really much of a difference between the two and deciding … Read More

Javascript Hoisting

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Javascript can be a confusing language for beginning programmers.  Visit any social networking group for newbies and you are bound to see questions about resources for learning Javascript.  Today I want to take a deeper dive into one of the more confusing concepts in Javascript – Hoisting. While variables can be declared anywhere within Javascript code, it is considered a … Read More

Tell me about Ruby

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 If you have been reading my blog posts, you know that I have been trying to prepare myself for technical interviews.  Last week I had a mock technical interview.  I thought that I was prepared.  I read about Ruby all week and practiced solving algorithms.  I had pretty much immersed myself in Javascript for the last few months, so I … Read More