Thoughts on my Wikipedia Viewer

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Now that I am finished with The Flatiron School’s online program, I sometimes find myself adrift in my learning process.  The curriculum had a great set of lessons and labs that you worked through and I miss having that structured guide.  I have jumped around a bit in the last couple of months, working on some Udemy courses and The … Read More

Merge Sorts

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My quest continues to learn more about computer science algorithms.  After last week’s focus on the binary search tree, I have settled this week on various sorting algorithms.  There are several to learn, but I am going to skip over a couple of the slower ones (selection sort and insertion sort) to focus on merge sorts. Merge sorts have a … Read More

CLI Data Gem Project

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My First Assessment Project with Learn Verified This week marks the end of my learning in the object-oriented Ruby section of the Learn Verified online bootcamp program. I started the program about a month ago and was able to quickly make my way through the first several sections due to previous experience. In spite of feeling good about my early … Read More

Day 34: WordPress Custom Theme

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I am definitely leaving my comfort zone this week!  I am currently working with a nonprofit organization on their website.  I started work on the project about a month ago and have finished the first phase, which involved re-writing the code so that it is responsive and cleaning up the CSS code. The project has been a really great experience so … Read More

Day 31: Why Weather?

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I’m not sure why, but many beginning web projects seem to revolve around the weather.  I am actually happy about it, because it gives me something real and useful to put in my portfolio.  I have recently created two weather projects. The first one was completed using Bootstrap with php.  I was really pleased with the look of the final product. … Read More

Day 28: PHP Party

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I have once again managed to be victorious in getting my website to do what I would like it to.  I learned how to use php to create a working contact form over the weekend and was so excited to get this element working on my personal site. I had it working as a sample, but once I added it to … Read More

Day 27: Refactoring Ruby

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Today is another one of those superhero days!  My Skillcrush challenge was to take a script that I had written a few days ago and refactor it down to using only one variable and 3 lines of code.  My original script contained 3 variables and 10 lines of code, so it took a bit of work to get it whittled … Read More

Day 25: Back to FreeCodeCamp

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I recently discovered that FreeCodeCamp had added several new waypoints to their JavaScript section. I went back to this and worked my way though them. I was pleased to discover that things were coming a bit more naturally to me this time around. I was able to set things up and generally knew what I needed to do to approach … Read More

Day 23: FTP Files

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There is no bigger challenge for me so far than getting my files to work with my hosting website.  And that is saying a lot since I am working on JavaScript!  However, I also feel the greatest sense of satisfaction when I finally figure something out and am able to get the computer to do what I want! I am … Read More