3 Reasons that your Business Needs a Website

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  I read an interesting statistic this week that blew my mind. It stated that 60% – 83% of small businesses do not have a website. This information was compiled from 4 different research reports on small businesses.  The article continued by stating that 50% of the companies studied wanted to have a website, but were unsure of how to go … Read More

Day 35: Freelance or Full-time Job?

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Lately I have been trying to learn more about freelancing.  Sites like Upwork and Freelancer don’t seem to be a viable option.  I have been taking a lot of email courses and getting information about how to grow a freelancing business.  I have learned a lot of great tips and am amazed at the amount of information that is out there. … Read More

Day 34: WordPress Custom Theme

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I am definitely leaving my comfort zone this week!  I am currently working with a nonprofit organization on their website.  I started work on the project about a month ago and have finished the first phase, which involved re-writing the code so that it is responsive and cleaning up the CSS code. The project has been a really great experience so … Read More

Day 33: A Message for Small Businesses…

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This isn’t the 1990’s! My parents owned their own business for over thirty years, so I am well-aware of the many challenges and issues that small business owners face.  And I completely understand that when you are struggling to develop a business it is difficult to spend money on “extras.” However, I think that many businesses are making a mistake … Read More

Day 21: Freelance Fun!

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I think that I have reached the point where I could start doing some freelance work.  This would be a great way for me to get some experience and start building up my portfolio.  I have looked into a couple of different sites.  I am not thrilled with any of them so far, but I am willing to give it … Read More