The World of Library Development

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Libraries have always been a magical place for me.  When I was in the 5th grade, I wrote an autobiography and in the chapter about my future career I wrote that I wanted to be either a librarian or a missionary when I grew up.  I feel that I sort of combined the two together since I have lived in … Read More

Day 35: Freelance or Full-time Job?

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Lately I have been trying to learn more about freelancing.  Sites like Upwork and Freelancer don’t seem to be a viable option.  I have been taking a lot of email courses and getting information about how to grow a freelancing business.  I have learned a lot of great tips and am amazed at the amount of information that is out there. … Read More

Day 34: WordPress Custom Theme

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I am definitely leaving my comfort zone this week!  I am currently working with a nonprofit organization on their website.  I started work on the project about a month ago and have finished the first phase, which involved re-writing the code so that it is responsive and cleaning up the CSS code. The project has been a really great experience so … Read More

Day 33: A Message for Small Businesses…

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This isn’t the 1990’s! My parents owned their own business for over thirty years, so I am well-aware of the many challenges and issues that small business owners face.  And I completely understand that when you are struggling to develop a business it is difficult to spend money on “extras.” However, I think that many businesses are making a mistake … Read More

Day 30: Git Going!

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  I have been hearing about this thing called git since I began coding.  I signed up immediately for an account and tried to figure out the site, but it was not making any sense.  I put it on the back burner and continued learning other things. My Skillcrush blue print finally got to teaching us git this week.  It … Read More

Day 21: Freelance Fun!

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I think that I have reached the point where I could start doing some freelance work.  This would be a great way for me to get some experience and start building up my portfolio.  I have looked into a couple of different sites.  I am not thrilled with any of them so far, but I am willing to give it … Read More

Day 15: Resume

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My goal is to have my resume updated by Friday.  I am finding it so difficult to rewrite my resume to appeal to businesses instead of having an education focus.  It is really difficult to figure out how to translate my teaching skills into office-based technology skills. I am nearly there, but still need to work on some projects and … Read More