Day 31: Why Weather?

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I’m not sure why, but many beginning web projects seem to revolve around the weather.  I am actually happy about it, because it gives me something real and useful to put in my portfolio.  I have recently created two weather projects. The first one was completed using Bootstrap with php.  I was really pleased with the look of the final product. … Read More

Day 30: Git Going!

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  I have been hearing about this thing called git since I began coding.  I signed up immediately for an account and tried to figure out the site, but it was not making any sense.  I put it on the back burner and continued learning other things. My Skillcrush blue print finally got to teaching us git this week.  It … Read More

Day 27: Refactoring Ruby

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Today is another one of those superhero days!  My Skillcrush challenge was to take a script that I had written a few days ago and refactor it down to using only one variable and 3 lines of code.  My original script contained 3 variables and 10 lines of code, so it took a bit of work to get it whittled … Read More

Day 26: Ruby

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My Skillcrush class is focusing on Ruby this month and I have to say that I am loving it so far!  It is much more intuitive than JavaScript and makes a lot more sense.  I had already installed Ruby when I first started to learn how to code, so that difficult and confusing task was finished and I could get right to … Read More

Day 22: JavaScript

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I feel like days 22 – 80 could all be about JavaScript and I still won’t know what I am doing! I am slowly, but surely, gaining knowledge.  I am learning through a combination of reading A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript, Udemy Complete Web Developer Course, and Skillcrush. This is a project that I made that combined a couple … Read More

Day 13: Weekend wrap up!

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I spent the weekend doing a variety of things that don’t fit into my usual routine. I watched a webinar put out by Skillcrush with tips for making a career change.  It was very helpful, but I am disappointed that I didn’t receive the email links to their ebooks that were supposed to go with it. Friday night was the … Read More

Day 12: Irons in the Fire

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I’m not sure that my schedule will keep up with this, but I have a bit of a routine that I have settled into.  Each day I am: Working on my Skillcrush web developer course.  Right now we are in the beginning stages of html and I am far past this.  I am focusing on trying to help others in … Read More

Day 10: Skillcrush

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So, after a lot of thought and many hours going through free courses online,  I decided to enroll in the Web Developer Blueprint at Skillcrush. The blueprint is divided into 3 courses and will last until the beginning of February.  The first class is html/css, the second is javascript and query, and the third focuses on ruby, git, and sinatra. … Read More