The World of Library Development

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Libraries have always been a magical place for me.  When I was in the 5th grade, I wrote an autobiography and in the chapter about my future career I wrote that I wanted to be either a librarian or a missionary when I grew up.  I feel that I sort of combined the two together since I have lived in … Read More

A Plan to Learn Clojure

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I have recently been in communication with a company that primarily uses Clojure on the back-end and AngularJS on the front-end side of things.  I don’t have any prior experience with Clojure, but they said they are looking for people with a willingness to learn. That sounds perfect for this former teacher, career-changing new developer, so I am ready to … Read More

Page Layout Lessons

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My first web development project was completed last month.  I worked with a nonprofit organization to rebuild their website and make it responsive using Bootstrap.   Along the way, I learned some important lessons about page layout.  The client goal was for their website to look nearly identical to their existing site, so I went into it thinking that the page layout was already … Read More