Ruby on Rails and Blogging

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I was listening to a Ruby Rogues podcast this morning that was aimed at new developers.  The episode came about as a result of this awesome Scope Wars post by Malinna Leach. They were discussing the importance of developers blogging and how it can help not only get a job, but also increase your understanding about the concepts that you … Read More

Javascript Hoisting

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Javascript can be a confusing language for beginning programmers.  Visit any social networking group for newbies and you are bound to see questions about resources for learning Javascript.  Today I want to take a deeper dive into one of the more confusing concepts in Javascript – Hoisting. While variables can be declared anywhere within Javascript code, it is considered a … Read More

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I have spent the last couple of weeks working on my rails assessment for the Learn Verified program.  I was so excited to start working on my own rails project after completed about 100 labs and read_me lessons that I couldn’t wait to get started.  The last section of the rails lessons was so long, and I was just dying … Read More

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ActiveRecord associations can be a difficult concept to understand.  One of the great things about working in Rails and using ActiveRecord is that it gives you a lot of built-in methods that enable you to develop apps quickly and easily.  The negative side to this, for me, is that I don’t always take the time to examine what goes on … Read More

Day 29: MYSQL Databases

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Today I began working on learning how to use mysql.  I am really enjoying the learning experience so far.  It makes sense and the syntax and code is not too difficult to figure out. I am learning a lot from Rob Percival’s course The Complete Web Developer at Udemy. He is a former teacher (a fact that encourages me that … Read More

Day 25: Back to FreeCodeCamp

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I recently discovered that FreeCodeCamp had added several new waypoints to their JavaScript section. I went back to this and worked my way though them. I was pleased to discover that things were coming a bit more naturally to me this time around. I was able to set things up and generally knew what I needed to do to approach … Read More

Day 23: FTP Files

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There is no bigger challenge for me so far than getting my files to work with my hosting website.  And that is saying a lot since I am working on JavaScript!  However, I also feel the greatest sense of satisfaction when I finally figure something out and am able to get the computer to do what I want! I am … Read More

Day 22: JavaScript

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I feel like days 22 – 80 could all be about JavaScript and I still won’t know what I am doing! I am slowly, but surely, gaining knowledge.  I am learning through a combination of reading A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript, Udemy Complete Web Developer Course, and Skillcrush. This is a project that I made that combined a couple … Read More

Day 17: Web site design

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I spent the whole weekend working on the Complete Front End Developer course from Udemy.  I think it is fantastic, but I already had a lot of prior knowledge on the html and css information. One of the perks of the class is that they offer a year of free web hosting.  I wish that I would have signed up … Read More