Ruby on Rails and Blogging

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I was listening to a Ruby Rogues podcast this morning that was aimed at new developers.  The episode came about as a result of this awesome Scope Wars post by Malinna Leach. They were discussing the importance of developers blogging and how it can help not only get a job, but also increase your understanding about the concepts that you … Read More

The World of Library Development

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Libraries have always been a magical place for me.  When I was in the 5th grade, I wrote an autobiography and in the chapter about my future career I wrote that I wanted to be either a librarian or a missionary when I grew up.  I feel that I sort of combined the two together since I have lived in … Read More

My First Hackathon!

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Yep! That is me in black, looking all serious at our team meeting for LadyHacks2017.  I attended my first hackathon over the weekend and it was a fantastic experience.  LadyHacks is women-only event organized by women of the Greater Philadelphia tech community. The event took place at Azavea, which was a perfect space for working at an event like this. There were conference … Read More

A Plan to Learn Clojure

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I have recently been in communication with a company that primarily uses Clojure on the back-end and AngularJS on the front-end side of things.  I don’t have any prior experience with Clojure, but they said they are looking for people with a willingness to learn. That sounds perfect for this former teacher, career-changing new developer, so I am ready to … Read More

Thoughts on my Wikipedia Viewer

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Now that I am finished with The Flatiron School’s online program, I sometimes find myself adrift in my learning process.  The curriculum had a great set of lessons and labs that you worked through and I miss having that structured guide.  I have jumped around a bit in the last couple of months, working on some Udemy courses and The … Read More

Javascript Hoisting

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Javascript can be a confusing language for beginning programmers.  Visit any social networking group for newbies and you are bound to see questions about resources for learning Javascript.  Today I want to take a deeper dive into one of the more confusing concepts in Javascript – Hoisting. While variables can be declared anywhere within Javascript code, it is considered a … Read More

Tell me about Ruby

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 If you have been reading my blog posts, you know that I have been trying to prepare myself for technical interviews.  Last week I had a mock technical interview.  I thought that I was prepared.  I read about Ruby all week and practiced solving algorithms.  I had pretty much immersed myself in Javascript for the last few months, so I … Read More

Merge Sorts

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My quest continues to learn more about computer science algorithms.  After last week’s focus on the binary search tree, I have settled this week on various sorting algorithms.  There are several to learn, but I am going to skip over a couple of the slower ones (selection sort and insertion sort) to focus on merge sorts. Merge sorts have a … Read More

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I have recently been working my way through the Udemy course “Learn and Understand AngularJS” and it has been really helpful in figuring out how things work within the Angular architecture.  One of the most powerful features of AngularJS  is two-way data binding so today I would like to take a closer look at how that works. Two-way data binding … Read More