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Now that I have been working and learning about web development for a couple of years, I feel like I have a large number of bookmarks in various places that are my go-to resources for developing.  This blog post is my attempt to put  all of my style resources in one location.  The next time I am looking for something, I can just come here instead of trying to remember where I saved it!

Stock Photos

I am always on the lookout for free stock photos to use in my projects.  My favorite site is unsplash, but there are a few articles that contain links to unsplash and other sites that you can use.


I am not a designer and don’t always feel confident in choosing colors and fonts for my projects.  These sites have helped tremendously.

Design Resources

Here are some of the places to find resources and inspiration for designing a website.


I usually rely on google fonts for my projects, but keep feeling like I should branch out and try some of these.


I think I will need to add a couple more of these in the future.  I still have a ton of job-searching websites and actual development sites left to go through!

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